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Trusted by over 45,000 merchants. Here is why...

Guaranteed Lowest Rates —0.35%
Congress just passed the Durbin Bill which means bigger savings for businesses like yours (and our new 0.35% rate). Call us now and find out all the details on how much you can save!
Award Winning Customer Support
We will be here for you —LIVE & 24/7—to answer any questions you may have. No long hold times or voicemail ever.
FREE Credit Card Terminal
A savings of over $300.00 dollars! Whether you have a retail location, online store, or a mobile business, we’ll give you the perfect solution-FREE!
No Long Term Contracts
If you wish to leave us (and very few do) you’re free to go. There are absolutely no exit fees when you terminate your agreement with us.
24-hr Application Turnaround
Our approval rate is 98% and we’ll help you get set up accepting credit cards in just 24 hours, even if your credit is less than perfect.
Fast funding to your bank account
Maintaining your cash flow is crucial to your business…we understand. Your credit card sales will be deposited into your bank account within 48 hours of your transaction.
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